Too many things to do, and much more to explore during Malaysia island holidays! Pangkor Island is home to the nature lovers and thrill-seekers. 

1. Perfect location

Ever traveled in pink taxis? If no, get ready to have some fun in the island’s famed pink taxis. This place is easily approachable and has plenty of options to travel through. You can reach there via a bus from the KL or catch a ferry at Lumut. It will take just 35 minutes from Lumut via ferry. If traveling by sea by road is not your thing, you can travel via plane, Pangkor has an island too. But if you want some adventure-filled trip, rent a scooter which is relatively cheap too. 

2. Thrilling water sports and spacious beaches

Malaysia island holidays are incomplete without beach activity. If you are beach person, this place is for you. This island is just eight square km, but you will be amazed to know what this place has to offer. Sun-bathing, beach parties, water sports, and much more. Circumnavigate the islands, kayak, and snorkel if you are adventurous. Love skiing or snorkeling, Pangkor Island is the go!  

3. Relax & indulge

Looking for an ultimate luxurious experience during Malaysia island holiday? Head to the Pangkor Laut that houses 140 villas and 300 acres of the rainforest that are sure to give you a perfect beach holiday in Malaysia. Due to it’s serene, and heavenly vibes famous celebrities like Eric Cantona, Michael Schumacher, and Michelle Yeoh have chosen it as a beach holiday destination in Malaysia. 

4. You can explore by foot

Love jogging or walking? And, explore the immense beauty on foot, then you are at the right place. Pangkor Island has a lot to do on land during your Malaysia island holidays. Trek early mornings or during the evenings at 6:30 and feed the birds, and you will love it. If you are a hiker or nature lover, then this place is a go! 

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