Traveller FAQs

How does Jom Travel Local work?
We reach out to small-to-medium sized travel businesses in Malaysia, verify them and curate their products to feature them on our platforms. Our online platforms enable travellers discover and book quality experiences in Malaysia
Who are your providers?
Our activities and tours providers are quality tour agencies and operators. We work with businesses, professionals, enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.
How do you ensure quality?
We quality control every offer on our site, manually. This means testing the activities personally, asking for licenses and ensuring that negative reviews are acted on.
Are you a fully accredited travel agency?
You bet! We are recognized by the Malaysia Tourism Board. Our Travel Agency number is License No: KPK/LN: 7837
Are providers safe and trustworthy?
We do our best to curate listings submitted by providers. Before an experience is listed, we will conduct an initial phone or video interview and in some cases, meet the provider in person. You can also refer to the reviews, references and social checks to make sure you are comfortable. However, due to the unpredictable nature of things, Jom Travel Local does not assume liability for anything that happens at an experience. Travelers and providers enter into an agreement with each other and this should be done at your own discretion.
Does Jom Travel Local provide liability waiver for travelers?
By booking an experiencing with Jom Travel Local, you bear any risks like a regular traveller. Travelers and providers enter into an agreement with each other and this should be done at your own discretion.

Booking an experience

How do I book an experience?
Just click on book it when viewing the offer. You will be asked to provide some contact information. This is so that the supplier is able to contact you when you have booked. Your credit card will only be charged once the booking is confirmed.
Do I need to bring the booking voucher along?
Yes. Please print out and bring the booking voucher with you. If not able to print, immediately contact Jom Travel Local.
How can I contact the host of my tour or activity?
Once the host accepts your booking, a booking confirmation voucher is sent to you containing contact details. The supplier has your details as well in case he or she needs to contact you.
Why do I need to make a booking request?
Making booking requests is a way for you to have certainty that a host is able to host you. It also gives you the flexibility to request for multiple experiences you are interested in.
What happens after I have made a booking request?
Your host will either confirm or decline your request within 48 hours. Once the host has accepted your booking, you will receive an email with details of your host. And you’re all set for a great experience!
What happens with my payment once my booking is submitted?
Your credit card or Paypal account will hold the payment until your booking is confirmed by the host. You will not be charged until the booking is confirmed. Once your booking is confirmed the amount will be deducted from your account.
What happens with my payment if the booking is rejected?
Your credit card or Paypal account will release the funds it had on hold. You will not be charged for the booking and you will receive an email notification.
How do I cancel a booking?
You can cancel a confirmed booking by contacting Jom Travel Local immediately. We will perform any refunds in accordance with the cancellation policy.
How do I search for specific types of experiences?
On our Home page, select the city you are visiting and you will see a list of experiences in that destination. You can filter them by Categories on the listing page to further narrow down your search. You can sort by Price, Reviews, Relevance. As we are expanding and finding more experiences to cater to your needs, if there’s something you would like to do in a certain location, please send us a suggestion to and we will do our best to find it for you.
I’m travelling alone but the experience requires a minimum number of people. Can I still book it?
You are still welcome to book the experience if you are happy with the price required for the minimum number of people. However, please bare in mind that sometimes the minimum people required might be set due to the nature of the activity and hence there will be a chance that the activity provider won’t be able to fulfill the activity with only one person. You may also email to verify your request, note that there might be an extra payment but not greater than the price displayed for the minimum number of people.
I wish to book a private tour for my group. How can I do that?
Please send us an email to and we will be able to customise a tour for your group.
Why can’t I find experiences in the destinations I’m going to?
Jom Travel Local is working city by city to get you the best experiences in each destination. If there is a place you are interested in finding an experience, please let us know at and we will do our best to find you something.
I contacted my provider after booking confirmation, but there was no response. What should I do?
Please give a few days for the experience provider to reply as they might be busy working with other customers. Do give them a call if necessary as internet connection may not be as good in certain locations. If you are still unable to get a response, write a message to and we will try to help you!
The host I booked with is unable to show up and he got someone else to do the experience instead. What should I do?
In unexpected circumstances such as illness or emergencies, it is possible that the provider you’ve booked may not be able to show up. Jom Travel Local asks that every provider makes arrangements for such circumstances in order not to disappoint our customers.
What happens if the provider is a no-show?
We recommend that you try to call the provider using the contact number you have been provided in your booking confirmation. If you are unable to reach the provider, please contact us immediately at our emergency phone number +6019-3058194 so we can assist you.