For those tourists, with affinity to visiting the tallest buildings in the World, their list will not be complete without a visit to the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur. The excellent thing about Kuala Lumpur is that it is the excellent tourist spot for tourists, who are particular about their budget. One thing that I wish to share here: The accommodations and foods were highly affordable as compared to many other parts of the world. Getting back to twin towers, they stand as gigantic symbols of Kuala Lumpur.

Our tickets to the tower:

When I visited for last vacation along with my family to Kuala Lumpur, we were not able to visit the twin towers. The reason is that we were not able to book tickets. In fact, I was stunned with the huge queue when I visited the ticket counter at 8:30 am, which is the start time for selling tickets for the day. We felt highly disappointed. But, this time we visited. Thanks to the Petronas Twin Towers online ticket booking service. We booked our tickets to the tower using the service. They delivered the tickets safely to our hotel. We just visited the tower, skipped the huge queue and took some breathtaking photos at the great spot. It was really an enthralling and exhilarating lifetime experience for my entire family.


With our tickets printed from the online ticket booking service, we headed to the tower. After an initial safety briefing, we were taken into the hottest elevator ride ever. This ride took us to the Skybridge. This bridge that connects the twin towers with each other stands at the 41st floor of the 88-stored buildings. At the height of 170 meters above the ground, we should say that we were able to get a great view of the entire city of Kuala Lumpur.

Then, we were taken to the 86th floor, where the observation deck gives the most stunning view. The 3600 view of the entire city on a very hazy day is truly a lifetime experience. We reached the observation deck with the help of a second elevator. Then, we were taken to the ground floor for the gift shop that has a huge collection of items that truly portray your experience at the twin towers. You can choose an excellent memento to take home from this gift shop.


A visit to the Petronas Twin Towers is truly an experience to get at least once in your lifetime. Thanks to the online ticket booking service, who made this possible for my family. They can make it possible for your family as well!